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We represent clients facing foreclosure.  If you have been sued or face foreclosure in the future, CONTACT US for a FREE consultation.  Options and remedies are available, even if you find yourself climbing out from under an under-water home.  TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE and it is best to determine a strategy as early as possible. As your foreclosure attorney, we will defend you in the foreclosure proceeding and work with your lender alone or with the help of a certified housing counselor to work out an alternative to foreclosure. Foreclosure law is ever-changing at both the Federal and State level and you need a lawyer attentive to both the substantive and procedural law and your individual legal needs.

Here are some of the services you can expect from me:

– Zealous defense of your interests in court filings and court proceedings, including an analysis of available defenses, any mitigating factors, and any possible counterclaims

– A thorough examination of the terms and conditions of your purchase agreement, mortgage and other relevant documents

– Attention to your personal and financial situation and an assessment of your objectives, needs, and the viable options available to you

– Negotiations with your lender and licensed real estate brokers and listing agents

Anatomy of a Foreclosure Lawsuit 

– Borrower stops paying Lender (or other dispute arises).

– Pursuant to mortgage instrument and other applicable laws, Lender notifies borrower of delinquency and intent to accelerate the loan.   This means the entire amount of the Note becomes due.

– Lender serves borrower via private process server or local law enforcement.  Once this occurs, borrower has 20 days to answer the Complaint or risk default and lose the right to defend.